Touching Base

Hey everyone, so here’s the deal. I’ve kinda been off the grid for what feels like forever, but in actual fact, is probably only about 6 months or so.

In May I recorded a stand up special, which I hoped would have been released by now, but the reason it isn’t, will be explained below.

There’s been a few things going on that have meant I haven’t been able to dedicate as much time to stand up as I would have liked. The main one being, my wife and I gave birth (her more than me) to our first child in July, and because of that, the months leading unto, and the subsequent months since, have meant a fairly barren diary through my own choosing.

Obviously the fact that I’m a new parent brings a certain obvious challenge, sleep deprivation being number one on everyones list. But it also brought a bigger, more odd challenge that I still haven’t managed to process. I spoke to a comedian friend of mine who was due his first child the same time as ours, and we both said something which we hadn’t thought about.

For the first time in a long time, we were both genuinely happy. Not just normal everyday happy. But actually, properly happy.

The problem we have here, is that comedians, tend to be unhappy. And comedy, like all art forms, comes from a place of unhappiness. So we both found it really weird going on stage and not being miserable. We both found it strange struggling to write jokes, because all we could see was a positive spin on the world. We were also not looking for things to write about, because we knew we were about to experience something bigger than comedy.

So there you go. Without putting too fine a point on it, this year is pretty much a write off in terms of gigging.

I’ll still do whatever I can, and i’m certainly not looking to quit (despite what the next post says… spoiler alert?), but I’m gonna use the rest of the year to set up family life and look to work on a few new projects next year with a positive attitude. Or write more stuff about how sleep deprivation is the route of all evil.

Tony Jameson