10 Years In The Making

It’s hard to think that in September, I celebrated 10 years in comedy.

10 years.

That means I’ve now done this job for longer than another other profession I’ve ever held.

That seems crazy to me. It seems really crazy that I actually didn’t celebrate 10 years. I actually realised I had been doing comedy for 10 years. And then I realised I needed to up my game!

As I said in my last post, we’ve extended our family at home, and with that brings certain challenges. I’m no longer at the liberty of last minute gigs. “Hey Tony can you come to Arsestannington tonight?” “Nope, sorry mate, the little un’s been booting off all day I was up at 5.30am”. Given the fact I also have a day job (and have done for the past 2 years), I guess ‘celebrating’ 10 years in comedy wasn’t going to be a particularly celebratory time.

Of course, I must say Im incredibly grateful of everything comedy has given me. It gave me the chance to tour the UK. It allowed me to perform multiple shows at Edinburgh Fringe. It got me into a movie, a book, and I’m a computer generated football manager in my favourite video game. Its allowed me to work with people I’ve idolised since before I stepped foot on stage. I’ve worked with legends. Superstars. New acts with potential. Some people who should never be allowed near a microphone. Ive performed at some of the best clubs in the country, and at some absolute shambolic shit tips. I’ve made some of my best friends through comedy.

There are times when I’ve wondered is it worth keeping going?

I can’t commit to the full time rigours of a professional stand up a the moment, but then I remember that today is fleeting. Comedy evolves. Times change. Just because I can’t commit to that lifestyle now doesn’t mean I won’t be able to in the future.

Maybe the model isn’t the model I fit into. Maybe I need to bide my time a bit more. Take stock of myself. Look at the words I say on stage. I feel stale (actually I feel rusty). I feel like I need to challenge myself. To write something new. To write something better. To do something bigger.

So here it is.

10 years in comedy, I’m doing two specials this year.

The first one is ‘Idealist’ which I kinda half did a bit of a play about with this year, but then as the pregnancy developed, I found myself putting less into the show. So therefore, it will get the full run out it deserves this year.

And then from July, I shall be performing a second new special, which is as yet untitled.

Basically, I’ll do two ‘tours’. There might be 10 dates. There might be 5 dates. There might be 40 dates. Who knows. But what I do know, is that it’ll be fun.

I appreciate everyone who’s ever offered any amount of support to my career. I appreciate everyone who has bought a ticket in the past. I appreciate everyone who has followed me on whatever social media platform they choose. Its time for me to give back.

I’ll be firing an email out with details of when the ‘Idealist’ tickets go on sale for January and beyond, so I hope to see some of you at a show(s) along the way.

Tony Jameson