OK, so you all know that I have a podcast (and if you don't know, then scroll back up to the podcast section and familiarise yourself with it). Well, the thing is, most comedians have a podcast based on comedy. Seems obvious, given the fact thats what we know. But I started thinking recently that maybe I want to branch off into something completely different. So, I've got a new idea, and this is where I may need your help.

My idea is for not just a podcast, but possibly also some video content for something I'm tentatively calling 'The Sirvival Guide'.

What is 'The Sirvival Guide?' (And shouldn't it be spelt 'survival?') Basically, I'm wanting to look at the role of the modern gentleman. Has the definition changed from the traditional gentleman we had back in the day? Is the modern urban gent a distant cousin, or a brother in arms? The use of Sirvival is obviously just a pun as I'm hoping to get to the bottom of various gentlemanly pursuits and interests. For example, I might have a piece of work on 'When should you stop wearing jeans?' 'Who do you tip and when?' 'How to give that presentation at work that you've been dreading'. 

I'm hoping to lock down a few contributors to this project as it's going to be quite a task, but any feedback on this idea is more than welcomed. Feel free to drop me an email if this sounds like something you'd be interested in.