Having caught up on WWEs latest PPV, and cos the internet likes things in list forms and identifying things you can learn from watching stuff, heres my take on what we learned from last nights TLC.

1) There are now enough different nationality announce tables for every single match. Seriously? What's next? The fucking Icelandic announce table?

2) Randy Orton has joined The Wyatt Family just to try and work out whether they can actually make his entrance to the ring last even longer than when he was a singles competitor.

3) Miz vs Ziggler is always a good match, but they can only really fight against themselves (and they've been doing that for the past 36 years). Also, Maryce looks like she'd not even be a very good stripper.

4) WWE really wants you to think they give a shit about your life. "Hey guys, why not consider proposing to your girlfriend in a wrestling ring? Why? Cos we've just managed to wangle a sponsorship with some jewellers, thats why".

5) The brand split hasn't really worked, has it? "Hey guys, you know how we were struggling to get enough interesting storylines with this huge roster? Do you think if we split that in half we'd be able to really get those stories we're struggling with working well? What do you mean the ratings are falling? Bugger". 

6) Baron Corbin vs Kalisto is exactly what everyone has been wanting to see. Oh sorry, no thats not it. No-one gives a flying fuck about Baron Corbin vs Kalisto. No-one would even want to see Jeremy Corbyn vs Kalisto.

7) Dean Ambroses' bulk is coming along nicely.

8) James Elsworth is really happy that his Make-A-Wish Foundation application has gone through successfully. 

9) PPVs aren't the same without The Undertaker, Brock Lesnar, Kevin Owens and Chris Jerricho. Actually, aren't those guys on Raw? Yeah. Yeah they are. Oh well.

10) Ambrose vs Styles was mint. Also Styles wrestles commando, but we presumed that.

11) Nowt we didn't already know ultimately.