I'm gonna go out on a limb here, and suggest that quite a few of you lot round here are part of a Fantasy League this season. Whether its one from a national newspaper where everyone has the same players. Or maybe you're part of a one with a draft system. Or maybe you're an NFL aficionado and enjoys the NFL Fantasy experience. Either way, you're probably all too familiar with the feeling you get when everything just goes wrong.

For me, this week was one of the worst. Three players sent off in my Premier League draft fantasy. Three! Three of the daft fuckers decided it was the perfect time to get themselves needless suspensions as I was facing top of the league, and league owner, Fantasy Gaffer. Well you know what, fuck you Aguero, Fernadinho and Pereyra.

Given these three numpties decided to try and ruin my Saturday afternoon, I hoped Villa would at least bring a smile to my face in the evening. Nope. They lost to a very impressive inform Leeds United. Things have been going well under Steve Bruce, and that game was gonna be a big test to see how much grit and desire we've managed to instil within the camp. The answer is still not enough. I'm encouraged by what I'm seeing under Bruce, and in Kodjia, I firmly believe we've got a player who could cut it in the Premier League whenever we get promoted back there.

OK, so my fantasy team went badly. My football teams result went badly. These things don't come in threes do they? You know they do. My NFL Fantasy team registered its lowest score of the season. Even the players I had on the bench (Daren Sproles and Kirk Cousins) wouldn't have helped moved me to any more than a bit of a defeat. I got absolutely destroyed in a similar way to the Carolina Panthers at the hands of the Seahawks. Thank fuck I didn't play the Panthers defence this week!

So surely something must be going right? Well yeah, my lifts have improved. Fuck it, for me its a positive and I'm happy to take it. Got my deadlifts up to 145kg for 5 today after hitting a 160kg for 1 last week. Squats are looking solid again after a bit of a plateaux, but I'm really gonna need to improve my presses and benching as they're not quite in line with where they should be. How do I fix those? Eating. Lots and lots of eating. I wasn't really wanting to do another bulk before Christmas, but it seems as good a time as any to get those all important extra calories in before a a brief New Year cut with added Crossfit for cardio. God I sound like such a prick. I should've really made an effort to go and see Biffy Clyro in Leeds on Sunday rather than making a Sunday dinner, shouldn't I? I guess I'm officially no longer cool. Or rock n roll. Or fun. Ah well, it had to come to an end eventually, and I'm fairly sure it happened years ago.