Last night I MCed a gig at a lovely little pub in Leicester called The Black Horse. Now I'm aware as a comedian, this isn't exactly unusual, but what was unusual was the feeling I had after the night had finished.

Over the past 8 years of doing stand up I've been fortunate enough to have performed in a variety of different rooms from gigs above a pub to theatres. I've also ran a variety of gigs myself. Some I've enjoyed booking. Some I've felt were a bit of a ball ache. Last night, I really got the feeling I wanted to run another gig.

The room was just a room above a pub. A lovely pub. A lovely room. What set this apart from some pub gigs, is that a) the owners obviously loved comedy, and importantly b) the pub already had punters in and weren't relying on the comedy to provide sales for the pub. The room itself was a bit quirky with mismatched furniture and fairy lights hung from the beams in the roof. It just made for a lovely intimate atmosphere. Also as this was very much a 'local' gig, the audience clearly all knew each other, but in a nice way.

So what makes me want to run another show? Why wouldn't I? The circuit is struggling a bit at the minute so why not try and provide a bit extra work for my fellow comics. So what do I need? Basically, a couple of lovely local pubs with function rooms where the venue are happy to put their hands in their pockets and help promote the night. I'll book the comics who want a lovely gig to play. Who wants to help me out? Who knows a pub / village / town that could do with a little bit of live entertainment?

If you know of anywhere, feel free to drop me an email to and I'll have a look into it.