Podcast updates

It's no secret that I'm a big fan of podcasts. I listen to plenty, and I've got a couple of my own. Yet Another Comedy Podcast is going through a bit of a transition at present. Rob has moved to Manchester, so myself and Danny are gonna get a new format for the show and re-launch very soon.

The Animates will be back soon when Jim, Katie and I can link diaries and baby duties. We've really missed recording them as they're great fun and got a lot of good feedback.

I'm also about to drop a new idea very soon, called Beats Working For a Living. It's a slightly different style of podcast for me, as its not me trying to be funny, its me trying to be serious. People often ask what its like being a stand up, and my response is always "beats working for a living". Basically, it doesn't feel like work. That got me thinking, there must be other people who don't feel like their job is work, particularly if they're doing their dream job. So with that in mind, i set out to interview cool and interesting people with creative careers. 

I'm hoping to get that up online very soon, so do keep your eyes peeled and your ears open.

New Show Alert - Is This What I've Become

I'm not actually heading up to the Fringe this year, but thats not gonna stop me writing a new show this year.

I enjoyed performing Football Manager Ruined My Life, but I feel that this new show should go back to basics. Basically, its gonna be an hour of stand up. There'll be some stuff about buying a house. Trying to start a family. Maybe a bit of politics. I'm just enjoying talking about normal stuff again. 

At present, there's only a couple of dates where I'm gonna be doing it, but if there's the interest, then maybe I can add a few more dates and we can travel around with it. What do you think? Fancy it? Keep your eyes peeled for more details about Is This What I've Become?

New website

Thanks to our friends at squarepace, this is my new website.

New agent

Tony signs with A Rush of Laughter.