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“Irreverent, immature and immensely funny...”
— Dave Gee

Tony    Jameson

Man in charge

Tony started Yet Another Comedy Podcast as an interview based podcast. That lasted for about a year. He then booked a series of live shows during the Edinburgh Fringe Festival which saw Rob Mulholland become a resident guest. From there, Rob became a staple and they managed to convince Danny to join the team too.

Danny   Deegan


Danny doesn't say much, but what he does say, he doesn't care whether you like it or not. Danny is essentially the heel of the podcast. He says what he thinks and we love him for that. Danny joined the podcast after the Edinburgh shows where he put a 50p up his nose. With skills like that, he was obviously going to be needed on our team.

Rob Mulholland

Token idiot

Oh Rob. Some of Robs stories in the podcast would make even the most liberal thinking person wince. His breakup (or breakdown) still remains one of Tony and Dannys highlights. He also gets really angry if you tell him that Die Hard isn't a Christmas movie.

“Surprisingly alright...”
— George Poole